All about infrared …

Infrared provides a comfortably warm environment in which you can exercise and/or relax. Its key strong points however are the positive effects it has on the body; muscle soreness and joint aches are reduced and recuperation is stimulated. Your resistance and immunity also recieve a welcome boost.


COCON exclusively uses full spectrum, therapeutic infrared technology. This is the only type which consists of both the long, middle and short wavelengths of infrared. The latter provides the most positive of effects. Therefore full spectrum isn’t only better, but more enjoyable than conventional infrared technology.


Infrared increases wellbeing.

Relaxing or exercising under the influence of infrared helps reduce muscle soreness and joint aches, this way COCON’s your ideal partner to help you during a revalidation process. Didn’t exercise for a long period of time? Do you struggle with rheumatism, fibromyalgia or are you recovering from an injury? Relax or exercise in your COCON, enjoy the soothing effect of therapeutic infrared and pay the necessary attention to your recovery.

Genuinely feel better.

A higher metabolism, detoxification, improved bloodcirculation throughout the body, positive effects on high blood pressure, increased lymphatic flow, greater muscle activation and an optimized immune system, … These are all benefits that infrared can provide you with. By taking full advantage of everything COCON has to offer can you not only reach physical goals, but feel genuinely healthy and revitalized.