Years of experience in the fitness and wellness world led to the development of COCON, an exclusive cabin with therapeutic infrared at the base. Would you like to guide others in their search for a healthy and balanced lifestyle? Then COCON is the ideal assistant. As a therapist you set up programs and trajectories yourselfwhile using all the facilities within COCON to help others to make their dream come true. In other words, with COCON you upgrade your practice with the help of therapeutic infrared.


With COCON Pro we provide a COCON cabin suited for intensive use, day in, day out. All materials have a high-quality and durable finish and the resistance system is easy to maintain. This way you can be sure that COCON is always ready to provide customers with professional guidance towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

Professional guidance

ORIUM Health is a digital platform developed by us that offers support to clients, therapists and trainers. On this platform you will find a whole series of exercises and exercise programs with accompanying explanations (muscle group, intensity, posture, …), photos and videos that show the exercise as correctly as possible. ORIUM Health also offers you the possibility to create your own programs according to the needs of your customers or patients. This gives you the opportunity to provide everyone with professional and personal guidance.