A workout with an extra dimension.

Sufficient exercise is an important part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. At COCON we want to support you as best we can so you can achieve your goals easily and at your own pace.

A workout in your COCON differs from conventional sessions. We employ specifically designed resistance-based exercises that you can complete inside the cabin. Thus, COCON isn’t made to fit existing routines, but an entire range of exercises are custom made to take full advantage of everything COCON has to offer.


Exercising under the influence of infrared heat is an excellent way to slim down and to stay fit and healthy.
Workouts feel more valuable and your results get a real boost!


At least 4 resistors are present that take your workout to the next level level.
Combine these with professionally composed exercises aimed at slimming or strengthening and enjoy worthwhile results!


Exercises in the COCON are mainly performed sitting or lying down.
Thus, a workout in COCON is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, weight or build.


COCON uses a handy app with more than 170 professionally composed exercises. The app contains explanations and video material about how to pexecute each exercise. It feels like having a personal trainer right at your fingertips.